The Society's Resources

As mentioned earlier, the Society makes various resources available to its members.  Each of its major offices has an extensive reference library, laboratory facilities, gymnasiums and training rooms, small armories, and of course, sleeping quarters as well as plush meeting rooms.  In addition to the aforementioned, other resources available to members include:

  • Hellpistols – an invention of Hephaestus Hix, these over-sized pistols shoot a variety of ammunition types at high velocity.  The name comes from the unique accelerant used, which tends to give off a smell like Brimstone.  (The society can naturally supply more traditional weaponry, though bylaws stipulate that a member not be given a weapon unless they have training in its use).
  • The Albatross – usually moored in either New York or San Francisco, this outsized, experimental seaplane is one of the Society’s main modes of international travel.  (The society also possesses several more traditional aircraft, including a DC-3 and Ford Tri-motor).
  • The A.S. Epitome – A “small,” prototype dirigible, the Epitome is one of the other more unique transportation means at the Society disposal.  Usually moored off of the Gibson Building (in Centropolis), the airship is just as likely to be found at any of the Society’s offices or elsewhere as it explores the globe.
  • Modified Roadsters – Whether it’s a Pierce Arrow, Dusenberg, Dymaxion, or Chrysler sedan – the majority of the Society’s cars have had some special modifications, such as touring suspensions, high powered engines, extensible running boards, radio-phones – one even has an in-dash cigarette lighter…
  • “Secret” Entrances/Exits – Unknown to most outsiders, almost all Society spaces (and certainly each of the three main offices) feature carefully disguised tertiary entrances—hidden elevators, trap doors, “emergency exits,” etc. Due to the secrecy involved, they are only used in the most dire circumstances or when speed is of the essence.
  • Assistance – perhaps the most easily overlooked resource that Society members have at their disposal, the resources of its members and other law enforcement agencies, militaries, and governments the world over (and certainly the Western hemisphere) cannot be underrated.  The reputation that the Society has for doing good works precedes it, and most officials (though there are exceptions) are eager help.

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The Society's Resources

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