The Society's Known Enemies

Of course, an organization of this sort cannot do the work it does without generating some antipathy somewhere.  Various criminals, masterminds, and nefarious organizations have met their just ends at the hands of Society members.  Some do occasionally survive and escape justice temporarily, always vowing revenge on the Society in the process.  Some notable members of this latter group are as follows:

  • The Praetorian – this strategic mastermind, purports to be from the lost Empire of Prestor John, and has attempted to lead his elite neo-legions to conquer the globe.
  • The Jade Dragon Society – not an individual but an organization based in East Asia.  These inscrutable fiends are often behind seemingly “normal” crimes.  Their true motives are unknown.
  • The Warlocke – this master illusionist is reputed to be of Gypsy descent.  However, when dealing with The Warlocke, nothing can be taken for certain.
  • Rick Thompson and his Fortune Hunters – less a blood enemy of the Society and more of a rival, Thompson leads his mercenary group of pilots/treasure seekers around the globe working for anyone who can meet his prices.  He has thus run up against (at cross-purposes with) the Paragon Society on a number of occasions.  The rivalry can almost be friendly at times, but members are cautioned not to trust him or his people.
  • The Silver Skull – less a known figure than a tale told in whispers around the fire on criminal camping trips, the Silver Skull is purported to be a sort of criminal’s criminal, and, if even a percentage of his alleged deeds actually occurred, a full-blown psychotic.  Everyone in the criminal underworld seems to know someone that’s encountered the Silver Skull, but no one actually seems to be that someone…  Physical descriptions vary – some say that the Skull actually has a head constructed of some sort of magical silver, others that he is wearing a mask.  He is something of a personal nemesis of the Red Fedora, frequently attacking and…  eliminating… criminals just as the Fedora is about to capture them for questioning or justice.  His motives are unknown, as is his home base.  Despite the best efforts of the Paragon Society, there has never been a face-to-face Skull encounter on the part of any member.

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The Society's Known Enemies

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