Society Members

Membership in the Paragon Society has grown and changed over the years since its creation (though the vast majority of members that joined are still active).  Members include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Donald “Doc” Pendragon, noted archaeologist, architect, and student of the occult
  • The Red Fedoraan enigmatic figure at best, the Red Fedora is never seen without his namesake hat, which always shades his eyes. He has the skills and demeanor of a PI, but there is something in his quiet, relentless competence that sometimes makes observers shudder… what would he be capable of without the Society to tether him to humanity?
  • Dr. Lloyd Meriwether, Psychiatrist and physician
  • Dr. Hephaestus Duncan Hix, scientist, inventor, and Pulp Sci Fi writer
  • Agent Alpha< />, “America’s First Line of Defense”
  • Lady Xoc Hidalgo, heiress to Hildalgo fortune and Queen of the Jaguars
  • Dr. Katherine Durant, eminent physicist and chemist
  • Phalen, the mysterious expert on “monsters”
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Steele, daredevil pilot, stuntwoman, and dilettante
  • Pandora Chase, internationally syndicated reporter, possessed of a strange luck
  • Sebastian Winterbourne, world-renowned hunter and tracker
  • Helen White, Raider of Tombs and acquirer of rare artifacts
  • The Gambler, a mysterious figure who “goes where fate takes him,” he has helped the society on numerous cases.

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Society Members

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