Financed in large part by Doc Pendragon’s money, the organization first set up offices on the 94th Floor of the Gibson Building in Centropolis.  Other offices would later follow in San Francisco (68th Floor of Dent Tower), and New York City (the 76th floor of the Chrysler Building, though meetings just a frequently occur in Pendragon’s penthouse in the Maxwell Building).  Smaller, less ostentatious offices are maintained in Houston, Los Angeles, London, Munich, and in other spots around the globe.

The founders set up a trust fund, which is administered by the Society and pays for the upkeep of facilities, equipment, vehicles, support staff, and provides a small stipend to members to cover the costs of working on cases.  (Though most members have other jobs or sources of income).

The Society’s Mission :  As established above, the Paragon Society strives to serve as an example to mankind.  However, mottos aside, the society’s activities can normally be broken down into several categories:

  1. Investigation – The Society as a whole or as individual members has investigated countless crimes of an unusual nature (“normal” crimes are usually – though not always – left to more traditional law enforcement authorities).  Most often the cases involve strange science or bizarre occult overtones, but one can never discount the run-of-the-mill madman who simply wants to take over the world…
  2. Exploration – Often performed in conjunction with one of the other objectives of the Society, the group has explored many a lost city and forgotten temple.  These findings are, when possible, written up and published in the appropriate journals, so others may pursue further scholarship.
  3. Invention – While certainly not the only group of scientists in the world, the Paragon Society does boast a membership of eminent minds – many masters of their field(s).  As such, and in part to continue to fund the society’s works, the members will often put a new patent in the Society’s name, so the Trust may get the royalties.
  4. Philanthropy – The Society tries to do good works wherever possible, whether that is building a school in a developing nation, helping to finance medical research, or contributing artifacts to a museum.  Anything that benefits humanity in the long run is part of the Society’s mission.

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