Misc Info on the Game World

This page hosts the entries that are too minor to merit pages on their own, but still might be relevant to someone at sometime.

  • Ma’s Diner – a local dining establishment in Midtown Manhattan. Sometimes used as a rendezvous point by the Society’s members.
  • Macabre Magazine – a new pulp magazine first published in September, 1934, from the publisher of Strange and Weird Tales (originally Strange and Weird Tales of Horror).
  • Palindrome cigarettes – “the only cigarette you can smoke backwards!” – the sponsor of “Strange Tales with Dr. Macabre.” Also, a mediocre, mid-market cigarette brand, who trademark lack of filter means there is “no fumbling around for the ‘right’ end… because we care about your convenience…”
  • Strange Tales with Dr. Macabre – a radio show on the Mutual Broadcast Network, that has been gaining steadily in popularity since adding a new “host,” the sinister sounding Dr. Macabre. Fans of the show began to ask for “that Dr. Macabre magazine” (not realizing it was Strange and Weird Tales they wanted) so much so that the publisher created a new title.

Supporting Cast

  • Inspector Victor Galloway – Detective on the Centropolis Police Department, Inspector Galloway has dealt with the Paragon Society on numerous occasions. While helpful, he remains dubious as to the Society’s legal status where law enforcement is concerned.

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Misc Info on the Game World

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