From the Annals of the Paragon Society

Web of the Spider Cult: Chapter Three
Creepy Crawlies...

The captain and crew take one launch and head back to Merida, while the team heads further up the river. They come to a stone dock, and leave the boat. They travel in a bit, and come to vine covered stone buildings. Buck says that this is a good place to camp for the night, so they set up camp and Helen tries to read the images on the buildings. They all can see captives with a huge spider hanging over them. The next morning they start off and sees three paths, each covered in a large spider web. Buck sets the middle web on fire, and a spider the size of a small dog drops from the trees. Pandora shoots it, exploding it in a shower of ichor. They turn back to the trail, and see they all rejoin. Helen hears the sounds of many spiders running towards them. The swarm attacks Pandora, climbing all over her. She grabs the torch from Buck and lights some of the nearby trees to spread the smoke around. Buck twirls his guns and shoots both of the large spiders. Helen grabs her shotgun but it jams. Pandora keeps stomping the swarm on her, while Helen shoots one of the swarms. Buck holsters his guns, grabs his flask and takes a swig, blowing the whiskey towards the swarm, setting it on fire from the torch. Helen yells, “Run!” and takes off down the path, with the other two following close behind. Pandora speeds ahead, and reaches the cliff first. She sees a rope bridge, then realizes it is made of spider silk. Buck pauses to shoot the two giant spiders following the team, exploding them, as the ladies begin to cross the swaying bridge. Three giant spiders begin to climb on to the bridge, and Buck shoots to two closest to him, and starts running on the bridge.

Suddenly a flock of birds swoops down and eats one of the swarms. Pandora shoots a spider that pops up in front of her, as Helen makes it to the other side. She turns and shoots the swarm, killing it off. Buck shoots the last giant spiders, killing it. The team looks around, and realizes they have to climb up the cliff. As they start up, a giant spider starts down from the top. Buck pauses to shoot it, and the team continues upward. Another comes over the top, and the team each takes a shot and misses as they continue climbing. The reach the top, and see the trail continues across the plateau.

They eventually come to the end of the valley, with low, three-tiered step pyramid with several warriors guarding each path up. On the top tier are two warriors, a high priest, the chieftain, and a woman struggling. The High Priest – Quenunga – waves his arms, and phantasmal spider arms appear around him. The chieftain – Achelotl – has a firm grip on the woman.Aztec warrior at nku

Helen yells in Aztec, “Release her!” and runs forward, shooting one of the guards. Buck follows, killing two of them. Quenunga waves and shoots a spectral wave of spiders at Helen. She shoots back, hitting him twice. The warriors all begin to converge on the team. Buck runs up with Pandora, and she shoots Achelotl, killing him and causing his cape to turn into a swarm of spiders. Helen and Buck continue shooting while Pandora appeals to the warriors, causing them to pause. One group tips a brazier over, sending flaming oil over Buck and Helen. Helen knocks Buck in to the waterway. Pandora runs up and shoots Quenunga, who shoots a missile of spiders back at her. The warriors converge on Pandora and Helen, as Buck shoots into the crowd. The spider swarm envelopes Pandora and Helen…

To Be Concluded…

Web of the Spider Cult: Chapter Two
Web of the Spider Cult: Act III

While still at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Buck calls a friend in the New Orleans police department for information on the Riverside Warehouse Company. It’s outside New Orleans, owned by Manuel Ortega, a Mexican businessman, and in fact, all the employees are Mexican.

The group waits for the police to arrive, and answers their questions. Buck also calls Inspector Galloway to let him know we’re headed to New Orleans. The team flies down, and heads to the warehouse.

LouisianaIt is grimy and hard to see in the windows. The doors are locked and one side of the building backs up against the bayou. Buck spots an open window and Pandora hears chanting coming from within, and when Helen peers in a window, she sees a group of men around a large reed mat, decorated with the image of a spider. One has a headdress & is the leader (Ortega). While Buck polishes his badge, Helen runs to the end of the catwalk and slides down the support poles, while Pandora runs to the other end and slides into the control box of the crane, which is currently holding a crate suspended from the ceiling.

Buck twirls his guns and shoots a light fixture on the far side of the warehouse, causing a shower of sparks. All the Aztecs stop chanting and look up at him, while Buck drawls an introduction. Ortega yells in Aztec, “Kill the man in the hat!”

Two men grab their blow guns and shoot at Buck, and Buck returns fire. One flips onto the mat, and one collapses, both dead.

Curtiss airboatOrtega reaches behind a crate and pulls out a sub-machine gun, and shoots Buck. Helen shoots Ortega, then shoots one of the men starting up the ladder towards Buck. Pandora uses the crane to swing a crate to hit two of the Aztecs in the head. One dodges the crate and races up the ladder towards Buck, while another sneaks around some crates and shoots at Helen. Buck shoots the Aztec that has made it to the catwalk, as Helen shoots the one that shot at her. Buck slides down the ladder and punches the final Aztec. The team realizes Ortega has fled, and see an air boat taking off. They jump into another air boat and follow.

They catch up and Pandora and Buck start shooting, killing Ortega. They return to the warehouse, and start looking around. Pandora starts taking pictures, while Buck walks into the office, where he sees a map with white string marking many points all radiating from a spot in the Mexican jungle (on the Yucatan peninsula). Helen finds a notebook, with sites and names. They take the map and head back to the plane. Buck takes the notebook and sends it with a note to Inspector Galloway.

The team heads to Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula. They cannot land at the cultist compound, but land in Merida and charter a riverboat. Captain Juan Santiago agrees to take them close, then rent them a motorized launch. The trip is uneventful for the first several days. Then, on the third night, Buck is on watch and a group of Aztecs sneak on board the boat and attack him, knocking over a storm lantern and starting a fire in the process. Capt. Santiago and the crew try to contain the blaze. Meanwhile, Buck yells “Howdy!” and cracks his knuckles, waking the ladies up. They get to the deck, and start shooting. Pandora realizes Buck is shaken by the attack and yells at him to pull himself together. Buck then punches one man and flings one man overboard. Several run over to attack the ladies, but only cut their clothes. Helen shoots one, killing him. Buck punches another, grabbing his neck and tossing him overboard as well. Pandora flashes her camera, startling the remaining Aztec who staggers back into the fire.

The captain yells that the boat is about to blow and everyone jumps into the launches, which the crew has readied for escape.

To Be Continued…

Web of the Spider Cult: Chapter One
Museum Mayhem

1936, Centropolis.

The team from the Paragon Society consisting of Helen White, Buck Boaz, and Pandora Chase has been out of town and just returned to Centropolis. Helen invites the team back to her townhouse, but when they arrive they see her front door is busted open. Upon a quick investigation, they find the body of Dr. Ernest Breakspeare dead in her study, presumably from the blowdart in his neck. His other hand is clutching a golden disk. Examining it, Helen identifies it as Aztec in origin, and reads the glyphs on the disk as a name – Tzitzimime – which relates to a minor celestial goddess. They also find his diary, a ticket stub from Mexico to Centropolis, and a bus ticket from Centropolis to Boston. A window (leading to the garden) is open. Nothing seems missing, though Buck finds some plants disturbed outside in the garden, like someone ran from the house.

Buck calls the police, while Pandora calls some friends at the paper to find out about Breakspeare – he has a good reputation.

The police arrive, lead by Inspector Victor Galloway. They ask the usual questions of everyone separately. Helen leaves out mentioning the golden disk or the diary, Buck is not so close-mouthed. The police depart (without comparing notes) and thus leave to two bits of evidence in the group’s possession.

Museum of fine artsIn the morning Helen calls the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and tells them of Breakspear’s death. The woman is shocked and offers to have Dr Hibbert – his boss – call when he gets in. Later his secretary calls and ask that we meet him tomorrow. They group flies to Boston.

They go to meet Dr. Oswald Hibbert, and find out the museum – specifically the Aztec collection – was robbed two weeks ago, around the time some crates arrived (they are currently in the basement). The group asks questions, and finally show him the golden disk. As Hibbert takes it, the door bursts open and a group of Aztec Warriors enter, shooting blow-dart guns. Helen grabs for the disk, but misses as Hibbert ducks under his desk. Pandora draws her gun and shoots one of the Warriors. Buck cracks his knuckles and punches one of the Warriors. Pandora shoots the third. As they take a breath, they hear breaking glass outside. Buck and Helen rush outside, and see another Aztec running down the hall into the museum. Aztec warrior Pandora helps Dr Hibbert from under his desk, and asks him if he knows what happened. A frantic chase through the museum ensues! Helen and Buck dodge passers-by, workmen, museum guests, and Buck catches a priceless vase before it could smash to the floor. Eventually, Buck tackles the Aztec, knocking him out. Buck carries him back to Dr. Hibbert’s office and ties him up.

The group (dragging Hibbert along) follows a map found on the Aztec down to the basement. The basement is full of old exhibits, parts of new exhibits, conservators’ workbenches, and several large crates. All of the crates were shipped from the Riverside Warehouse Company, New Orleans. Pandora notices a lot of knots in the wood of the crates, and Buck pops one into a crate. There is a yell, and Aztecs leap out of all of the crates. The Aztecs again attack with blowguns. One of them shoots at Pandora who ducks at the last moment and he shoots his compatriot instead! Pandora and Helen both shoot at them, as Buck wades into the middle of them, takes a drink and attacks all the Aztecs. After some more shooting, the Aztecs are all taken down. The group then examines the crates, finding food, water gourds, and the stolen artifacts. Spider hand The group notes all the Aztecs have a spider tattoo on the backs of their right hands.

The group returns to Dr. Hibbert’s office and Helen tries to question the remaining Aztec. He curses the team, and suddenly contorts in pain, dead! A small spider climbs out of his clothes and runs away. Buck recognizes it as a Mexican Black Widow, but it gets away.

To be Continued…

The Starkweather Incident: Chapter Three
To End All Wars: Acts III & IV

Charlie drives the group to Starkweather’s mansion. After a brief reconnaissance, they knock and the door is answered by Miss Claudia Knight. The Red Fedora says, “Miss Knight, we need to speak to Dr. Starkweather immediately.” She leads the group to the dinning room and sits at the right of the head of the table (which has no chair). After a moment, a man in a wheelchair rolls in and is introduced as Dr. Henry Starkweather. He apologizes for not standing, citing an industrial accident that some years ago left him without use of his legs.

Miss Knight sprays herself with perfume and winks at Dr. Meriwether. Red Fedora notices there is a complete lack of scent. Dr. Meriwether does a “cold read” to get a handle on Starkweather, but something is off. Dr. Starkweather starts ranting about how the government ignored his efforts to share his weapon to end all wars. But they will all see what his is doing when he releases the gas over the capitol.

The team realizes they are feeling woozy and can no longer move. The servants strip them of their gear, drag them to the basement and tie them to chairs. Miss Knight walks up to Dr. Meriwether and strokes his face with her leather gloved hand, saying she wished she could say that the Society had proved worthy opponents, but she could not. Jerome, one of the servants carries a covered dish in. Miss Knight dramatically opens the dish, showing a large bomb, with a timer ticking down to zero! Then after the revelation that Dr. Starkweather can, in fact, walk, the fiends depart, locking the door behind them.

The Red Fedora, Verity, and Sabrina quickly free themselves. Sabrina frees Charlie, The Red Fedora frees Meriweather, while Verity studies the bomb and realizes outer casing of the bomb is rigged with a booby-trap. While Sabrina picks the lock on the door, the rest of the group works to disable the bomb. After several very tense seconds, they stop it with 12 seconds left!

They rush outside and see the tires are deflated. While Sabrina inflates them, The Red Fedora goes back in to the house, and calls the FBI to warn them, and tell them to evacuate the president. Charlie radios to tell the airstrip at Lakehurst to have a plane waiting for us. Lz 127 graf zeppelin1 540x370 Verity flies ahead and questions the ground crew to discover the airship took off over an hour ago. She waits until the car arrives with the rest of the group and they take off.

Unfortunately the group does not catch up until the airship is flying low over Washington. Charlie flies the plane low over the airship and the group leaps out The Red Fedora and Sabrina slide off, but Verity flies down and pushes both into ropes on the outside the the blimp. They both pull themselves up, as Charlie leaps out, leaving Jake to fly the plane. The team regroups and goes down the inside of the zeppelin through an access hatch on the roof.

In the gondola are three thugs with guns, Adler, Starkweather with a gas mask on, and Valerie Bloom with her hands tied behind her back! They all have their guns pointed at the stairs (having been alerted by an alarm on the access hatch…)

Starkweather sneers “Well, well, it seems your rescuers have returned, Miss Bloom. Let’s see how heroic they are.” He then shoves her out the open door! Her scream momentarily drowning out the engine noise. 805977

Meriwether pauses on the stairs and notices Starkweather has a small aerosol can in his hand, and standing next to the control to release the bomb bay doors. Charlie shoots a thug, and runs up to Adler. The Red Fedora shoots Adler. Sabrina wraps Starkweather’s arms in a band of mystic force. Verity flies out the door after Bloom. A thug shoots at The Red Fedora, but he dodges out of the way.

The pilot misjudges the altitude and scrapes across the top of the Lincoln Monument. Everyone staggers and the pilot falls out the open door! Charlie runs forward to steer the ship. As she grabs the controls she realizes the ship is leaking gas, and the steering controls are damaged. She quickly tries to land in the Potomac River, but Starkweather breaks free of his bonds and sprays her with stun gas.

Meanwhile, Verity catches Bloom and flies her to the ground. Verity tells her to call the police and stay safe, then turns and flies back to the airship.

The Red Fedora shoots Adler, who is stunned. Meriwether shoots the control panel, causing sparks to fly. Sabrina shoots a bolt at Starkweather, throwing him out the door. As he flies he shouts “You fools, you will never stop me!” He pulls something from his coat as he goes flying, and squeezes the trigger, shooting the flare gun into the hydrogen leaking from the balloon. A wave of heat hits everyone in the gondola and they all hear a series of explosions. As Charlie struggles to avoid the Washington Monument, Adler draws a knife and attacks her. The Red Fedora runs up and stabs Adler, catching the knife in the canvas of his flight-suit.

Hydrogen vehicle danger 3 Sabrina calls a waterspout from the Potomac, intending to flood the fire. Meriweather talks to the last goon, convincing him to surrender.

The Red Fedora stabs Adler twice, wounding him. Sabrina yells out “Charlie get a hold of yourself!” as Charlie struggles with the controls. Verity flies in the door and shoots Adler, throwing him into the wall. She then flies in, grabs Meriweather and The Red Fedora, flying back out trying for a controlled crash.

Charlie aims for the Potomac, and she and Sabrina leap out.

The airship bursts in to a white hot ball, hopefully vaporizing all the nerve gas.

The Paragon Society will return in Web of the Spider Cult

The Starkweather Incident: Chapter Two
To End All Wars: Acts II & III

The group picks up The Red Fedora at the New York Sun, reconvenes, and heads to Hoboken. On the drive over they share/trade information. As they’re driving, Sabrina Blackthorne gets a visit through her deck of cards, and her grandfather’s ghost appears, asking, “Sabrina, dear, have you been engaging in necromancy?” He reminds her about the costs of necromancy, and leaves.

5434535314 6dc720f9c6After driving to New Jersey, The Paragon Society arrives at Starkweather Labs and sees three trucks emblazoned with the Starkweather Labs logo, being loaded with crates by half a dozen men in workmen’s coveralls. Dr. Meriwether comments they seems to be thugs, but don’t seem to be wearing guns. The Red Fedora assesses that Valerie Bloom must be inside (there are no good hiding spots near the building outside). They drive once around the warehouse, then park and walk in a fire door. The team immediately sees Valerie Bloom tied to a chair surrounded by men with guns. A brute is slapping her.

The Red Fedora shoots the light fixture over them, startling the brute. Meanwhile, Sabrina creates a sonic boom, stunning two of the men. Verity takes flight and pulls out her gun. Dr. Meriwether assesses the situation, and tries to identify the objectives of the men.

One of the men – Adler – pulls a luger and points it at Miss Bloom. Red Fedora says, “I can see your veins,” and points his gun at Adler.

Verity shoots a thug who flies backwards into one of the shaken men, knocking them both out. Charlie shoots at some thug with her trusty peacemaker.Synthetic pharmaceutical plant

Sabrina casts another sonic boom, taking out four thugs – one shoots at her, shaking her.

Several shots are exchanged, and a vat of flesh eating insects splits open, pouring over a man, killing him.

The Red Fedora shoots Adler but does no damage. Sabrina shoots a blast of cold at the bugs, putting them into torpor. Verity shoots Adler, and he flies back through the wall. Charlie takes the opportunity to run over and untie Bloom and escort her out.

Several thugs shoot but miss. Meriweather shoots a valve and releases a fluid which starts washing the insects down the drain. Sabrina shoots a magickal bolt and hits two more men.

Since all the men have been injured or stunned, Meriweather tells them to give up. The group questions a thug and Miss Bloom. T8900410 pharmaceutical plant spl

Klaus Adler was the Operations Director of the plant, and hired the mob to take the crates. The crates are filled with gas canisters, and they being taken to Lakehurst, NJ and were labeled “medical supplies.” He says the gas canisters will be released.

Meriwether spends a few minutes in Adler’s office trying to get a feel for his personality. He’s a vicious thug, but well-trained enough to keep that in check. He’s sadistic, overconfident, and arrogant, but knows his place in a hierarchy. Meriweather uses his profiling ability to figure out Adler’s next move.

Meanwhile, Miss Bloom says she was hoping to go Dr. Starkweather’s mansion next, but now must go file her story. She asks the group to go [to Starkweather’s house] and says she will try to meet them there later.

To Be Continued…

The Starkweather Incident: Chapter 1
To End All Wars: Acts I & II

March, 1936. Members of the Paragon Society are sitting in Ma’s Diner in downtown Manhattan.

Jim Black, an old schoolmate of Dr. Lloyd Meriwether had called asking to meet, saying he had information he didn’t want to give over the telephone. The group sees Jim crossing the street. A car screeches around the corner and tommy-gun fire rings out! People scream and dive for cover. Jim Black goes down in a hail of bullets.

The Red Fedora gets the license plate and model of the car, while Meriwether and Verity Derring run out to Jim. With his dying breathe he gasps out, “Starkweather… Nazis…”

The Red Fedora pauses to pay the bill, with an exact 12% tip. He walks to the street and shoots at the car.

800px duesenberg convertible sj la grand dual cowl phaeton 1935Charlie hops in the Dusenburg and takes off, with barely enough time for the Red Fedora and Sabrina Blackthorne to jump in. Verity turns on her jet pack and takes off after them.

Sabrina creates the illusion of a tornado appearing in front of the car as Charlie shoots and damages the steering of the other car.

As the two cars race through midtown traffic, Charlie pulls up and bumps the other car, knocking it into a curb, and causing it to roll end-over-end twice, killing all four gunmen in the car! A 000127 detail

Searching the deceased gunmen, The Red Fedora finds a note reading “help load tanks at 4pm, Starkweather Labs” on a piece of Starkweather Labs stationary and a business card for Valerie Bloom, reporter of the New York Herald.

Sabrina tries to raise the spirits of the dead men, but has no success.

The group splits up to research Starkweather Labs, Valerie Bloom, and Jim Black. The Red Fedora does research on Starweather Labs and Dr. Henry Starkweather while the ladies and Dr. Meriwether head to Jim Black’s apartment. The door to the apartment is ajar, and there are noises coming from inside. Sabrina casts a spell to paralyze the people in the apartment. Charlie steps inside, and discovers two men that are now stunned. Verity takes their guns and ties them up. Upon questioning them, it is learned that they belong to a gang run by Tommy Maddigan. The group leaves them for the police to deal with.

To Be Continued…

Prisoner of the Reich: Chapter 8
Nazis and Portals and Dinos, Oh my!

Dr. Wurmhausen looks triumphant as he says “I’ve been expecting you,” as a troup of Nazis file in behind him, and the sounds of footsteps are heard in the stairwell. He gloats that he sent the notebook to the team. He captured the professor as bait. The portal in the room was built by the Atlantians, and needs someone with Atlantian blood, and the group has brought him two! (He gestures towards Betty and Charlie.)

The team questions him about the portal and his plans, until Wurmhausen says “if you will not operate the portal willingly…” and shoots Rookwood in the stomach. There is a buzzing, and Wurmhausen explains he shot a bullet which is drilling towards Rookwood’s heart.

Charlie steps to the console and touches it. She is bombarded with images of other gates. She focuses on a ruin in a verdant jungle. The gate flickers and opens on the ruin. The see a small animal running towards the gate, and then it runs into the room. Two 30-foot tall dinosaurs follow it, throwing the Nazis into confusion.

The dinosaurs start eating soldiers, as Winterbourne crawls to Wurmhausen and demands that he stops the bullet. After a moment, Winterbourne realized Wurmhausen is panicked, and takes his gun. He looks at the switches, and flips one. There’s a pause and the whirring sound stops. Winterbourne picks up Rookwood, grabs Betty’s arm and heads towards the door.

Helen starts shooting up the equipment, while Charlie runs back to the control panel and uses the butt of her gun to break the crystals. She pries the crystal from the panel, and the portal closes.

The group runs out of the tower, and escape back to their airship.

Prisoner of the Reich: Chapter 7
On to Germany

Charlie shot at a Nazi, but missed. Helen shot the Nazi again, killing him. The first Nazi shot at Helen but missed. Charlie shot and killed the first Nazi, ending the battle.

Winterbourne comes forward and gives Betty first aid while the ladies begin repairs. Charlie looks in the periscope and sees the ship has gained more room.

The team searches the dead Nazis, taking anything that looks important, their rocket packs, bombs and ID.

After a brief discussion, Charlie took the Epitome up, gaining altitude and slowed down until the ship was over the Nazi ship. Helen drops two bombs out the port door as Charlie stops the blimp and goes up. The Himelswolf explodes in a huge, fiery ball!

* * *

Castle Wewelsburg is located in Westphalia. The airship floats in and the team sees a triangluar fortress. There are huge banners with the swastika drapped over the walls. The north tower has an early glow eminating from it. Charlie lands the the Epitome (using the cloaking shield to cover the approach) in a field to the west of the castle. After a short wait, a cloaked figure runs across the plain around the castle. He calls out a german number, and Winterbourne replies with the correct counter-phrase. The Cloaked Man says he’ll lead the group into the castle.

He leads the group thru dank secret passages and dark rooms. As they enter the tower, Charlie’s bracelet glows very bright. She takes it off and puts it in a pocket. The Cloaked Man tells them to take the spiral staircase up to the lab. At the top is an ajar door, thru which is the glow. The team sees Professor Rookwood, with a Nazi Scientist, Dr. Wurmhausen, pointing a gun at him…

Prisoner of the Reich: Chapter 6
Uninvited Guests

Winterbourne sees two of the jet-pack Nazis heading towards the engines, so he leaves the machine gun turret to go to the engine room.

There are sounds of clanging and metal rending as Helen takes position at the starboard side and Pandora takes port side. Helen opens the door and shoots. Her shot blows one jet-pack Nazi back and wings the other. The one still holding on swings a crowbar at Helen. The other one flies back and shoots at Helen.

Meanwhile, Pandora tries to shoot out a porthole, but misses. She then sees Winterbourne heading for the engine room and decides to follow him. In the engine room, sparks are coming from the ceiling as a hole is being cut.

Helen continues to fight with the two jet-pack Nazis. She then hits both of them with one shot from her shotgun and they are both dead.

As two Nazis jump down from the hole in the ceiling, Winterbourne and Pandora shoot at them. They kill both intruders. One of them drops something that appears to be ticking.

The door of the cockpit opens and two Nazis enter. One greets Charlie and Betty in a German accent and asks them to raise their hands. Charlie complies, but as she turns around, she hits the steering wheel so the airship lurches to starboard. She then draws her gun. Betty moves towards one of the Nazis with her sword. Both Nazis shoot but miss.

Helen, still in the open doorway on the starboard side, manages to not fall out. She then decides to go see what’s happening in the cockpit.

Pandora picks up the ticking device. It is definitely a bomb!… but the timer has not been set yet.

The Nazis in the cockpit shoot again, missing Charlie but hitting Betty. Charlie shoots back and misses. Helen arrives and shoots the Nazi closest to Betty. He is knocked back into the control panel.

Prisoner of the Reich: Chapter 5
Air Battle!

Winterbourne flips a table to block the group’s retreat, and everyone heads towards the scholar and the new door.

It leads to an alley, where he pauses to introduce himself as Erich Reinhart before herding everyone into his car.

He tells them he’s a member of the Fifth Column of the Thule Society. Rookwood was also a member of the Fifth Column, but has been capture and is being held in Castle Wewelsburg in the heart of Nazi Germany.

Pandora realizes they’re heading towards the aerodrome. He gives Winterbourne a Thule Society pin and tells him how to meet someone in Germany.

Reinhart drops them off and drives away. As the team walks towards the airship, a half-track with several Nazi soldiers pulls up yelling at them to stop. The team runs to the ship and takes off!

Winterbourne takes over the machinegun turret as Charlie takes off. A Nazi dirigible swings into view, the Himleswolf. As the Epitome outpaces the the Nazi ship, a door opens and several planes drop out of the belly of the airship and begin strafing the team. Winterbourne is able to shoot down one plane, while the Epitome takes damage.

Ten rocketpack Nazis drop out of the same bay as the fighters pull back. They are armed with anti-personnel weapons and clearly plan to board the Epitome!


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