Le Mat grapeshot wheelgun

weapon (ranged)

Le mat   nora

Someday…if you’re very lucky and very nice, and maybe if you flash a little thigh at the right time, you might coax Ric Havoc into telling you the tale of how this finely balanced piece of mass destruction found its way into his hands. It involves Chicago, one of Al Capone’s buttonmen, and a steam launch on fire off the shores of Lake Michigan…or maybe it involves an expedition south of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, it depends on how the liquor is flowing any given night.

What is worth knowing is that Nora is a finely engineered, single action, Le Mat grapeshot revolver, spinning nine .40 rounds in a cylinder around a .60 (20 gauge) smoothbore under barrel shotgun. Ivory handles, gold inlay,more lovely than a Rani fit for the Rajah of India.

Talk to Ric. He’ll tell you she’s worth her weight…in saffron.



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