Wu Xiaxian

The mysterious woman that manages the NYC Office


Mrs. Wu (as she is known to all) is the “Office Manager” of the New York Office. It is unclear whether her inscrutable Oriental manner is an affectation or not, but many believe it is merely a persona she has adopted. Whichever, she is markedly consistent, and tends to glide silently through the office appearing at one’s elbow just as she was about to be summoned.

She nearly always refers to people (members and non-members alike) by their title and full name, if known. Whether this is part of her “act” (if it is an act) is unclear, but she definitely keeps many secrets (of the Society’s and her own… Mister Wu, for example, is often mentioned, sometimes quoted, but has never, ever been seen…)

She has worked for the Society for as long as they have had a New York Office, and prevailing wisdom is that she worked for (or with?) Doc Pendragon during the latter’s years in Hong Kong. But even this remains unspoken…

Wu Xiaxian

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