The Red Fedora


Agility d10; Smarts d12; Spirit d6; Strength d6; Vigor d6

Charisma -2; Pace 6"; Parry 7; Toughness 5

Fight d10; Intimidate d10; Investigation d10+2; Notice d12+3(5); Shoot d10; Streetwise d6+2; Tracking d10+2


Clueless (Maj) : Red isn’t as aware of his world as most. He suffers -2 to Common Knowledge rolls.

Eerie (Min) : Red is… disconcerting. He takes a -2 to Charisma and people are generally uncomfortable around him.

Enemy (Maj) : The Silver Skull has taken against the Red Fedora in a major way, hindering him at every turn.  (+5 Power Points)

Heartless (Min) : Red doesn’t take pleasure in killing, but won’t let it stand in his way – he is willing to murder in order to further his goals.

Loyal (Min) : To his friends and colleagues, Red is loyal to a fault. He will never leave a friend behind if there is any chance he can help.

Weakness, Sound (Min) : Red is particularly vulnerable to attacks that target his senses. Sonic attacks do +4 damage.

Weakness, Light (Min) : Red is particularly vulnerable to attacks that target his senses. Light attacks do +4 damage.


Arcane Background – Super : Allows use of Super Powers + 10 Power Points

Combat Sense : Red is adept at fighting and keeping track of multiple foes. Opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against him.

Investigator : Red’s long experience as a PI of sorts gives him an edge in his “profession”. He gains +2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence.

Levelheaded : Red draws an additional Action Card in combat and takes the best.

Power Points x2 : Each Power Points buy grants 5 additional Power Points

Powers (25 points)

Attack, Melee (2): +1d6 to hand to hand attack damage. (Red finds weak points and exploits them.

Awareness + Danger Sense (8): Red suffers no penalties due to bad lighting, fog or other obscurement. Cover modifiers for solid protection apply normally. Additionally, his super senses serve as an early warning system. All attacks against him suffer a -4 as he dodges ahead of the actual attack. He also gets a Smarts roll to detect ambushes or hidden dangers.

Darkvision [Low Light Vision] (1):  Red can see in Dim and Dark conditions, but not in total darkness.

Fearless (2): Red never suffers from Fear effects and cannot be intimidated.

Heightened Senses + Eagle Eyes + Tracking (3): Red adds +2 to Notice rolls. He can also see details twice as far as most humans, and gains a +2 bonus to Tracking rolls due to his keen sense of smell.

Super Attributes (3): Agility +1; Smarts +2

Super Skills (5): 10 skill points


Doc Pendragon first encountered The Red Fedora sometime in 1920. The story goes that Red had taken a case finding a lady who didn’t want to be found on behalf of a very bad man. Doc, having heard of this strange and relentless PI with the distinctive hat, went out of his way to convince Red that he needed to use his talents to make the world a better place, not just sell them to anyone who could find him. Aside from that and his exploits after becoming a founding member of the Paragon Society, no one knows anything much about The Red Fedora. Doc Pendragon must, but he’s not saying.

The Red Fedora seems practically unchanged in the 15 years since the Society’s founding. He both looks (from what you can see under the hat) and behaves just the same. Red speaks in a near monotone, has difficulty understanding nuances of verbal and facial expression, and has body language that often seems at odds with the conversation or circumstance.

The Red Fedora

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