Ric Havoc

Explorer, guide, and solider of fortune


Attributes: AGL d12, SMT d8, STR d6, SPI d6, VIG d8
Skills: Shooting d12, Fighting d8, Notice d8 (4), Tracking d8 (2), Survival d8, Guts d6, Riding d6, Swimming d6

Charisma 0, Pace 6", Parry 6, Toughness 7
Rank: Seasoned, XP 35
Description: Male, Age 32/3 (Born August 4, 1903), Height 6’1" Weight 195 lbs. Hair Dark Blonde, Eyes: Blue
Languages: Can speak a bit in almost every language (see below) but most fluent in Czech, English and German

Overconfidence (Major): Ric believes there is nothing he can’t do. He often bites off more than he can chew.
Phobia (Minor): Arachnophobia – Ric is -2 to all trait tests in the presence of spiders
Stubborn (Minor): Ric never admits when he is wrong and he never makes mistakes. Ever.

Brawny: Ric is more fit and strong than a typical person of his size. He adds +1 to Toughness and multiplies his STR by 8 to find his carry limit instead of 5.
Danger Sense: Ric gets a Notice roll at -2 during a surprise round and if successful may take action.
Alertness: Ric doesn’t miss much. He’s very observant and perceptive and adds +2 to Notice rolls.
Quick Draw: Ric has hands like lightning and can draw a weapon as a free action, avoiding the usual -2 multiple action penalty. If he has to make an AGL roll to draw a weapon, he gets +2 to the roll.
Improvisational Fighter: Staying alive on every continent has given Ric an appreciation for the myriad ways odd objects can be useful in a fight. He does not suffer the usual -1 penalties to attack and Parry when wielding improvised weapons.
Steady Hands: Years of fighting from horseback have paid off, Ric doesn’t suffer the usual “unstable platform” penalty of -2 for firing from the backs of animals of while in vehicles. Furthermore when performing actions while running his penalty is -1 instead of -2.
Trademark Weapon: If you’re very lucky, someday you’ll get to hear the story about how Ric came to posses Nora, a Le Mat grapeshot revolver with a shot shot, .40 cylinder surrounding a single 20gg shotgun barrel. Nora’s got custom ivory handle grips and gold filigree inlay. Nora is pretty special, an extension of Ric’s own right hand. Ric gets +1 to any Fighting or Shooting rolls with Nora when he’s wielding her.

Super Powers: Ric’s been all around the world, seen every continent, every corner of the globe. All that travel has left him with a couple of gifts that place him a cut above your typical tourist.

Gifted: Ric’s picked up a little of this, little of that – from everywhere. Ric does not face a -2 penalty for unskilled rolls
Speak Languages: Ric has picked up a little of every language while globe trotting. He can speak any earthly language.
Heightened Senses: Gains +2 to Notice (in addition to the +2 from Awareness)
Eagle Eyes: Ric can see details twice as far as most humans
Tracking: Ric has a highly trained sense of smell, giving him a +1 bonus to Tracking
Super Attributes: (Agility x3, Smarts, Vigor)
Super Skills: (1 step each: Shooting, Fighting, Notice, Tracking, Survival, Guts, Riding, Swimming)

“Nora” – .40/20gg Le Mat Grapeshot pistol – Damage2d6/1-3d6; Range 12/24/48 – 5/10/20, ROF 1(6), Ammo: 9/1, AP: 1
Mauser KAR98 bolt-action rifle: Damage 2d8, Range 24/48/96, ROF 1, Ammo: 5, AP 2
2 x Derringer .44 Damage 2d6+1 Range 5/10/20, ROF 1, Ammo 2, AP 1
Kukri Knife – Damage STR + d4 +1, AP 1
Fists – Damage STR

Ric travels by his wits and relies on very little gear. He does always try to keep on hand a Zippo lighter and a compass


Ric’s father brought the family over from Prague in 1914 to flee the war in Europe. His father became a professor of Engineering at the University of Chicago. Ric tried unsuccessfully to enlist in 1917 to join the Americans going overseas to fight, but was too small at only 14 years of age and was rejected. When he did graduate high school, he attended the University on Illinois and played in the same backfield as Red Grange. Tossed out of school his senior year for involvement with a bootlegging operation he bounced around doing odd jobs as a carnival roustabout, a cowboy and ranch hand, anything he could sign on for to see the world.

In 1927 he got his greatest wish, the chance to set out with the explorer George Miller Dyott to replicate his hero Theodore Roosevelt’s famed “River of Doubt” journey in the Amazon basin. Subsequent to this journey he was able to successfully sign on with numerous expeditions of exploration. He traveled across literally every continent, including Richard Byrd’s Antarctic expedition from 1928-1930 and Major Bill Tillman’s 1934 expedition to the Nanda Devi sanctuary on the Indian/Nepalese border.

Ric Havoc

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