Dr. Lloyd Meriwether

The World's First Criminal Profiler


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d6, Healing d12+2, Intimidation d6, Investigation d12, Knowledge (Psychology) d12+2, Knowledge (Medicine) d12+2, Notice d12, Persuasion d10, Shooting d6, Streetwise d6

Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5; Armor: 0

Rank: Seasoned; XP: 30

Description: Male; Age: 45; Height: 6’2”; Weight: 180 lbs;


Bad Eyes (Minor) Dr. Meriwether has bad eyes and wears glasses.  When he loses those glasses, he suffers a -2 to all sight-based rolls.

Pacifist (Minor) Dr. Meriwether dislikes senseless violence; he refuses to kill prisoners and does not instigate combat unless absolutely necessary.

Delusional (Minor) Dr. Meriwether suffers nervous ticks, and strange quirks from constantly profiling criminal minds.  He may suffer from worse delusions depending on the crimes and criminals he’s analyzing. 

Vow (Minor) Dr. Meriwether has vowed to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath and must abide by its terms.

Nightmares (Major) Dr. Meriwether suffers nightmares as his work causes him to see the darkest in man.   After he performs his ESP power, he suffers from a -2 to spirit rolls to become unshaken until the case is resolved.


Arcane Background (Superpowers) Through his keen intellect, Dr. Meriwether has super-powers!

Power Points (2x) Dr. Meriwether has + 10 power points (25 total).

Scholar A highly-skilled doctor, Dr. Meriwether gains +2 to Knowledge (Psychology) and Knowledge (Medicine) rolls.

Danger Sense Dr. Meriwether has a “Sixth Sense,” before any danger or ambush occurs; he can make a notice roll at -2 to avoid surprise.

Jack of All Trades A highly-intelligent man, Dr. Meriwether can perform any unskilled smarts skill at a d4 (instead of d4-2)

Healer Dr. Meriwether gains +2 to healing rolls due to his mastery of science!

Photographic Memory Dr. Meriwether can remember everything he reads, sees, or hears; down to every detail.


Super-Attributes (Smarts 3, Spirit 3) [6 pp]

Super-Skills (Healing 2, Know. (Medicine) 1.5, Know. (Psychology) 1.5, Notice 2, Investigation 2, Persuasion 2, Intimidation4, Driving 2) 17

Profiler (ESP/Awareness) – Dr. Meriweather can predict an opponent’s/killer’s next move upon making successful investigation and knowledge (psychology) rolls; requires activation and takes 10 minutes per attempt [2 pp-custom power]


.38 Revolver – Damage: 2d6; Range: 12/24/48; Ammo: 6; AP: 1

HTH – 1d6


Medical bag, Glasses, Notepad.


One of the original founders of the Paragon Society, Dr. Lloyd Merriweather is a physician, psychiatrist (trained under Doctors Freud and Jung), and groundbreaking scientist in the study of the criminal mind. Using a revolutionary process, Merriweather “sketches” through scientific and psychoanalytic study the mind of the criminal. Prepared with this “profile,” of how the subject thinks and feels, Merriweather can often predict to police, law enforcement authorities, and his compatriots, just what the criminal will do next. Sometimes he seems to know before the criminal themselves.

He also provides a humanistic and medical perspective to the Society.

Dr. Lloyd Meriwether

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