Dr. Katherine Durant


HISTORY & BACKGROUND: Dr. Katherine Durant is a professor of physics with a specialization in thermodynamics at the University of California in San Francisco. An East Coast (New York) native, Katherine (Kate, never Katie) found herself in California after completing her Ph.D. at Stanford University. She comes from a “normal” family environment and is the youngest of three children and the only daughter. Her parents still live in New York and spend most of their time socializing with other retired friends. Kate has always felt a need to be the equal of her brothers and this probably led her to a career in a field usually dominated by men. Her father, although now retired, was a doctor and her brothers are a doctor and marine biologist respectively. Kate’s oldest brother, David, is married and lives in New York. He has no children and has a small but respected medical practice. Her other brother, Alex, lives in San Diego and is somewhat of a cad with the ladies. Kate sees Alex every few weeks and takes his stories of his romantic exploits with lots of good humor. Kate is single and often finds it hard to date since she doesn’t follow the traditional lines for females at this time in history. Kate believes that science can explain most things and pursues that belief with almost an unyielding approach. During an experiment in her lab, Kate stumbled upon an unusual discovery – that she can attain the ability to become immune to heat and cold. Kate is involved with the Paragon Society as a means to an end – she wants to be considered equal or even better for her field in a man’s world.

PERSONALITY: Kate is highly intelligent, quick to solve problems, and sometimes a little brusque when she believes she is right. She expects a lot from the people around her. Her students respect her knowledge and dedication greatly and she can even make the men in her classes defer to her. She has a deep sense that things should be able to be explained and it bothers her when there is not a scientific explanation for something.

APPEARANCE: Kate is physically fit. She runs daily, and has even run in some mini-marathon class races. To Kate, running seems to clear her mind. Although she dresses for her position at the university and often looks professional, Kate’s wardrobe is based on comfort.

Dr. Katherine Durant

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