Charlotte "Charlie" Steele

Daredevil pilot



Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6


Boating d4+2, Driving d8+2, Fighting d6, Guts d6, Investigation d8, Knowledge (Aereonautics) d8, Piloting d10+2, Notice d6, Repair d8, Shooting d10(+1 with “Mike”)

Charisma: +4; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5/8; Armor: 3

Rank: Seasoned; XP: 30

Description: Female; Age: 25; Height: 5’6”; Weight: 135 lbs; Hair: Blonde; Eyes: Blue


Overconfident (Major) Having mastered flight and many other things, Charlie thinks she can handle any challenge and refuses to stand down when faced with trouble.

Enemy (Minor) Charlie made an enemy of the Black Swan and other air pirates.

Quirk (Minor) Charlie enjoys collecting anything having to do with angels.
Obligation (Minor) Charlie has an obligation to her family and has to deal with her father’s wishes, which often conflict with hers.

Stubborn (Minor) Charlie never admits she’s wrong and always wants her way.


Arcane Background (Superpowers)

Power Points (2x) Charlie has + 10 power points (25 total).

Ace: Charlie gains +2 to Boating, Driving, and Piloting rolls.

Level-Headed Charlie draws another initiative card and acts on the better of the two.

Quick Charlie has fast reflexes and may draw another initiative card if her card is 5 or less.

Rich Charlie has starting funds of $1500 (and an income of $75,000)

Trademark Vehicle: Charlie gains +1 to Piloting rolls for her specific airplane, +2 to Shooting rolls with her airplane’s weapons, and +2 to Repair rolls for her airplane

Trademark Weapon: Charlie gains +1 to Shooting rolls when using “Mike,” her trusty Peacemaker.

Very Attractive Charlie is drop dead gorgeous.  She gains +4 to charisma.


Super-Skill (Driving 1, Fighting 1, Aeronautics 1, Piloting 2, Shooting 2) 7
Super-Edges – Quick, Trademark Vehicle, Very Attractive 8

Special Leather Jacket – This flight jacket was a gift from Charlie’s mother.  It has a special property allowing her to resist more damage once she activates it. (Armor 2, Requires Activation) 1
Vehicle (special airplane) – Charlie can spend up to 5 power points on upgrading her airplane 6
Extra Action - Charlie can perform a single extra action without penalty (for example, firing her airplane machineguns and doing a barrel-roll at the same time) 3


Airplane Charlie can pick an airplane worth up to $50,000 from the Thrilling Tales sourcebook.  This airplane has 5 power points that she can spend on upgrades.


“Mike” – .45 Colt Peacemaker Revolver – Damage: 2d6+1; Range: 12/24/48; RoF: 1; Ammo: 6

.22 Revolver (Back-up gun) – Damage 2d6-1; Range: 10/20/40; RoF: 1; Ammo: 6


History & Background:

Charlotte Jane Steele was born on Jan. 17, 1909 to J.B. Steele and his wife, Lena.

J.B. Steele is the head of Steele Pictures. Charlie’s relationship with her father is contentious. She thinks she’s old enough to do what she wants; he thinks she should know better. She doesn’t like having to go to him for things, but yet realizes his position in Hollywood (and to a lesser extent Californian) society. The two have always clashed. Some would say it’s because they’re so alike, both stubborn and ambitious, but neither of them would ever see it that way. J.B. would say it’s because Charlie is too impulsive and wild. Charlie would say it’s because J.B. is too close-minded and more concerned about his business than anything else.

Her mother, Lena, came from a wealthy family. Having been given every advantage and the best education available, she grew up to become one of the first female physicists. Her family was proud of her, but still pressured her to settle down. She eventually gave in and married J.B. Steele. Lena left Charlie and her father when Charlie was nine years old. In a letter she left for Charlie, Lena tried to explain, “Science has always been my true passion in life and although I do love you and your father dearly, I feel I can not pass up this opportunity to return to my work and maybe make a difference. I know you can’t understand this now, but I am doing this for you, Charlotte. I want you to grow up and live in a better world.” Charlie never learned what Lena meant, what the “opportunity” was, but given her own love of flying and desire to help mankind, Charlie does understand how her mother must have felt and holds no ill feelings towards her. She hasn’t seen her mother at all, but a gift from Lena always arrives every year for Charlie’s birthday.

Ct30s3Charlie was raised as a “proper young lady” and attended the finest boarding schools in California. She always got good grades, but there was the occasional discipline problem. Charlie enjoyed taking risks, whether it was sneaking out after curfew or climbing to the top of the old bell tower on a dare. A lot of the time, she never got caught. And even when she did, she felt the punishment was worth the thrill and exhilaration she experienced.

During her first year at Stanford University, she met Allison Gibbs and they became fast friends. During the following summer, Charlie went to live with Allison and her family in San Diego. Allison’s father was a pilot and it only took one flight with him to get Charlie hooked. She immediately begged him to teach her to fly. By the end of the summer, she had gotten pretty good. Mr. Gibbs called her “a natural”. When school began in the fall, Charlie found it difficult to concentrate on her studies. She longed to be back up in the clouds. After about two months, she left school and went back to San Diego. The only problem was she neglected to mention this to her father. He only found out at the end of the semester when her grades came back as “Incompletes”. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. He tried to convince her to go back to school, but she wouldn’t listen. He finally gave up. He assumed she would eventually grow tired of flying and return to school on her own. Nothing could have been further from the truth, however. Mr. Gibbs, who was more than happy to continue Charlie’s training, taught her everything he knew about flying and eventually helped her get her first job as a pilot, flying supplies to remote worksites for a timber company. This put Charlie into a completely different environment and she was quickly able to put aside her "proper” upbringing to fit right in with her newfound friends. Charlie also quickly got the reputation as being something of a daredevil in the skies. She enjoyed showing off by doing tricks and pushing her plane to do things most people would be afraid to try. She also showed no fear when dealing with air pirates and in fact seemed to enjoy a good dog-fight. Charlie detested air pirates, considering them parasites, and would fight with everything she had to protect her cargo. In one instance, the Black Swan, a notorious air pirate, and her gang set upon the shipment Charlie was escorting. Still inexperienced in air combat, Charlie tried to hold them off, but was eventually forced down (in something of a controlled crash), while the pirates began to make off with the cargo. Not willing to give up, but grounded and armed only with her trusty pistol, Mike, Charlie defiantly shot at the departing pirates. She was outnumbered and probably would have been killed, but The Black Swan circled around seemingly cutting off her own fighters, and Charlie’s last round broke the Swan’s tail stabilizer loose. Her plane damaged, the Black Swan signaled a retreat and they left, albeit with most of the cargo.

CtheronBy the time she was 20 years old, Charlie had joined the Air Guard. She decided it would be the best way she could help to keep the air pirates in check. Charlie is currently the squadron leader of the “Hollywood Angels”, flying her plane, “The Ladyhawke III”. There have been other run-ins with The Black Swan, who has made it clear she hasn’t forgotten the young pilot, or what Charlie did to her plane.

And if air-combat isn’t enough action for her, Charlie can also get her thrills doing stunt work for Steele Pictures. She works under the alias “CJ Hawkins” since she doesn’t want her father to know that she works there. He worries enough about her already. All along, he has fought her on her career decisions. He has always felt that flying, especially in combat situations, is too dangerous. And on more than one occasion, he told her she was throwing her life away. But Charlie would never yield, adamant that this is her destiny and confident that she will be protected by her guardian angels.

Charlie was also recently recruited by the Paragon Society. She is honored to be included in such a note-worthy organization and feels up to the challenges it brings. It’s also another way to fuel her desire for thrills.

Charlie loves to don her leather flight jacket and head out for action and adventure, but she also enjoys slipping on an evening dress for an evening at the theatre or a lavish party thrown by one of the wealthy, Hollywood socialites. She moves between these two worlds with ease, which makes her something of a mystery to a lot of people. Many (mostly men) try to get close to her, but she rarely lets anyone get too close. She’s remained friends with Allison Gibbs, but ever since Allison’s father died in a plane crash a year ago, their relationship has been a bit strained.

Head in the cloudsOne acquaintance of note is Howard Hughes, the wealthy businessman, aviator, and movie producer. He and Charlie first met about two years ago at a party her father’s studio was hosting. They found that they have much in common and have since enjoyed conversing whenever they find themselves at the same function. There have been rumors of a romantic relationship, but Charlie maintains that they are nothing more than casual acquaintances.

Charlie is a big believer in angels, especially the “guardian” sort, and knows there must be a higher power watching over her and protecting her. She also enjoys collecting anything having to do with angels (figurines, jewelry, books, etc.).

Charlotte "Charlie" Steele

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