Dr. Hephaestus Duncan Hix

An inventor whose imagination fuels both his workshop and the pulp sci-fi stories he writes.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Driving d8, Fighting d8, Healing d10, Knowledge (Engineering) d10+2, Knowledge (Science) d10+2, Notice d8, Repair d10+2, Shooting d8

Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6; Armor: 0
Rank: Seasoned; XP: 30
Description: Male; Age: 36; Height: 6’2”; Weight: 225 lbs;

Curious (Major) Hephaestus is always intrigued by a good adventure or mystery and has an insatiably curious side.
Big Mouth (Minor) Hix loves to brag about his prowess and isn’t very good at keeping secrets.
Stubborn (Minor) Hix never admits he’s wrong, never gives up, and always wants his way.
Overconfident (Major) Having taken down many foes, Heph thinks he can handle any challenge and refuses to stand down when faced with trouble.

Arcane Background (Superpowers) Through his keen intellect, Hephaestus has super-powers!
Power Points (2x) Hephaestus has + 10 power points (25 total).
Scholar A highly-skilled scientist, Hephaestus gains +2 to Knowledge (Engineering) and Knowledge (Science) rolls.
Rich Hephaestus’ writing and technological prowess gives him starting funds of $1500 (and a yearly income of roughly $75,000)
Level-Headed Hephaestus draws another initiative card and acts on the better of the two.
McGuyver Hix suffers no penalty on trait rolls for lack of equipment, and can improvise devices to to create something that’s needed.
Engineer Hix gains +2 to repair rolls; with a raise he halves the time normally required to fix something.
Jack of All Trades Hephaestus can perform any unskilled smarts skill at a d4 (instead of d4-2)

Invent– Level 6, may duplicate up to 6 power points 12
Super-Attributes (Strength 1, Agility 1, Smarts 2, Spirit 1, Vigor 1) 6
Super-Skill (Fighting 1, Healing 2.5, Know. (Engineering) 0.5, Shooting 1, Notice 1, Driving 1) 7

Healing Machine He can make healing rolls to heal allies wounds (including injuries at -2)
High-Tech Gun Damage: 3d6 Range: 12/24/48 Special: HW; AP 2; clip: 6
X-Ray Sunglasses Special: He has the benefit of x-ray vision; weakness (gold)
Stun Gun Damage: Smarts at -2 to be shaken Range: 24 Special: MBT; 6 charges
Radio Manipulation Device Tap into, control, and manipulate radio broadcasts within 1,000 miles


If “Heph” Hix has a problem, it’s that he refuses to believe in the impossible. When told one of his designs won’t fly or can’t possibly work, he usually replies with an optimistic “…yet!” And is off to the lab for more tests. It’s this same sense of “what if” imagination that powers his fantastical “science-fiction” stories, which he sells regularly to the pulps (like Astounding Stories, Amazing Stories, and Incredible Fiction Stories). Asked as to whether any of these stories have their genesis in an adventure of the Paragon Society, Heph often just smiles and says, “That would be something, now wouldn’t it…?”

Dr. Hephaestus Duncan Hix

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